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A free iPad Mini? Ok, I'll bite.

Ok you guys I don't normally do this, but I'm going to "write a blog post about a giveaway." There are two reasons for this. One, winning an iPad Mini would rock big time. Two? I actually think the company is fairly awesome. It's Textbook Recycling, they are one of those buyback and resell places for texts; their prices are remarkably fair for students PLUS you can donate a percentage of anything you resell to charities like Oxfam America. PLUS, if I'm remembering correctly from listening to a very impressed student talk about the company, you can donate unwanted books that they are not interested in purchasing back, for use by students in developing nations.

And you, too, can enter if you want. Here is the link in question:

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging about food, pets, holiday shopping, cars, movies, books, and general kvetching.
It is your business where you stand on the health care debate. Not mine, nor anyone else's really. I respect that I don't have to agree with you to find you -- and other opinions of yours -- to be of value.

But if you resort to bullying or threats or intimidation to get your point across? You are being a douchebag.

For healthcare reform, and attending a Republican rally and shrieking at the GOP speakers there about how their greed is ruining America and killing innocent patients? You = douchebag.

Against healthcare reform, and attending any number of Dem events on whatever topic and shrieking and hectoring about Death Camps or Death Stars or Death Squads or whatever the hell the latest buzzword is? You = douchebag.

It is getting scary, people. It's time for people of sense to put their foot down and declare this behavior as unacceptable to them personally.

I'll start: I find violent threats, suggestions of violence, and mob-type behavior injected into the public discourse to be lazy, weak, and uninspired. The minute you start screaming, I write you off. Period.

Dear DRUGSTORE.COM nicely done.

This is a public post, which I pretty much never do. I hope it comes up on search engines. You see, I know how complainers tend to be loud, but those who praise don't often go to the same extreme.

Allow me to fix that, if you would.

I placed an order on 7/3. It had hair dye in it, so required ground ship. I got the warning notice that this could mean 'substantial' delay, plus there was the Fourth of July holiday, and so I didn't even wonder where it was until yesterday.

Log on to UPS tracking and discover that the box was left on my front porch on 7/7. Which is CRAZYFAST, for starters, considering the holiday and the ground ship. So there's kudo #1.

But what makes it to the proper plural of "kudos" is how your rep handled things from here. She was polite, checked tracking, gave me options, offered to replace the order and send it expidited for free, and gave the option of a refund. Plus she then gave me tips and options on how to make my ordering more secure in the future, valuable tips and not dumb ones like "have a neighbor come check to see if there is a box on the stoop."

And she did it all in less than three minutes and never made me feel like a simpleton or a jerk for asking for help or for having a shipment go missing.

I was all set to write your company off for good, Because let me tell you, few things make me crabbier than roots -- and I have the crazy roots now from waiting for that shipment. Instead, you have impressed me and I will give you another shot. And free publicity, because you freakin' deserve it. Good on ya.

Dear conservatives of America

I get what you are going for with the whole mailing-teabags-to-Congress etc. But seriously, calling it "teabagging?" Hysterical. Even funnier that you don't know why it's hysterical.

It's going to be a good newswatching week.

just in case

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